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March15Hungarian National DayDR. P. BOROS FORTUNÁT ZETEA FoundationKerekes Előd0745-759823
April10-14BeFed Days (Boros Fortunát Student Days)DR. P. BOROS FORTUNÁT ZETEA FoundationPéter Andrea- Gabriella0742-838921
April26''Art connects us'' Dance show on the occasion of International Dance Day Antal- Biró Rozsika0747-320720
May1Saint József's Farewell Festival of Sub Cetate village Mátyás Gábor, parson0266-241220
May3The celebration of the Great Church in Zetea           Papp Antal priest0266-241119
May30Csaba Népe: Hungarian and local history quiz 

Sebestyén István- Elemér


The 12th grade graduation festivity

DR. P. BOROS FORTUNÁT ZETEA FoundationSebestyén Anaamária0744-193537

The 8th grade graduation festivity

DR. P. BOROS FORTUNÁT ZETEA FoundationKovács Margaretta, Kiss- Simonfi Erzsébet0749-748358
June16-18XXII. Zetea Village DaysZetea Youth ForumSándor Barna0744-300663
September8Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Mother Papp Antal priest0266-241119
September8-10Zetea Youth DaysZetea Youth ForumSándor Barna0744-300663
September18The opening celebration of the new school yearDR. P. BOROS FORTUNÁT ZETEA FoundationAbrán Enikő0742-253242
December2Tátika show - Competition to imitate famous artistsDR. P. BOROS FORTUNÁT ZETEA FoundationDimén Levente0743-077473
December5Waiting SantaZetea Youth Forum  


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At the base of the Harghita's majestic heights and vast territories, on the lap of the streams, lies the farm world of Ivó.

As part of the commune, the village of IZVOARE has a long and distinguished history of hospitality, offering numerous Lodge Houses, Pensions and Guest Houses to visitors to the area.


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